Protection for persons, belongings ,  alarming and monitory systems,
Investigations and transportation of valuables
Adress: Cetatea de Balta Street, nr. 112 – 114, bl. 7, ap. 46, sector 6, Bucharest
Tel/fax: 021 434 81 55 Tel RDS:
031 404 8188
Mobil: 0723 691 373, 0767 361 800
ETALON SECURITY Welcome on our website!    

            “ETALON SECURITY” is a Romanian limited liability company for protection with integral private capital , Law No. 333/2003 – licensed , specialized in protection granted by qualified personnel ready to professionally and responsibly intervene in various circumstances
              We provide mobile guardian team if required.
              Our company offers consultancy , specialized support  and organizes the protection system and plan to be submitted to the Police.
             The guardians are supplied with higly authorized materials and equipment as you need.  
             “ETALON SECURITY” has a  coherent  control and training system of the personnel.
            The tariffs vary in an average range and they are competitive with those from other companies while being the basis of the professionalism , motivation and stability in our company.

          The negotiation shall be done according to the number and nature of the objective , its layout and area specifies , the risk degree for the security of the objective , valuables , protection arrangement  and utilities.
             We assure an active cooperation and dialogue to improve the quality and efficiency of our services and we are open to any legal solution.

          Sincerely yours,



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